The Untold Truth

Ansuna Sach

Ansuna Sach is a spine-chilling, intriguing podcast which shall be exclusively available on Gaana app on 20th June 2020. It shall have 15 episodes, each of length around 30 minutes which thoroughly examine every location and share my investigating experiences and knowledge with the listeners. The podcast shares the insights of the pre-existing stories of the locations that are considered haunted and their myths continue to run in the veins of the local residents. My team and I have investigated 15 such locations to reveal the truth behind the spooky events occuring there. This podcast shall prove out to be an eye opener for you in order to break through the shackles of superstitions, myths and bad omens. My expertise in the field and practical and scientific knowledge shall be dispersed in my own voice through the podcasts which shall uncover the blindfolded faith of the people.

From the story of the psychopath doctor who killed his own patients to the haunted burials of animals, all such spooky real life experiences awaits your presence to be heard.

So, get on board and listen to the investigations of me and my team and bless yourselves with the haunted stories.