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Haunted: Real-life Encounters with Ghosts and Spirits

Haunted: Real-life Encounters with Ghosts and Spirits

Haunted: Real life encounters with ghosts and spirits is a documented collection of non fiction and investigated ten short stories by me and the co-author, Neil D’Silva. It was published by Penguin Random House India on 31 October 2019 and soon after its release , it was accorded with the top position in the horror category and became the bestseller on Amazon India.

Jay Alani and Neil D’Silva with RJ Aniket at the launch of Haunted at Oxford Book Store, Connaught Place, Delhi


The compilation of this book undertook I50 investigations with a hardwork of ten years. It covers ten of the most haunted locations of India, including Kuldhara, Bhangarh Fort, Mayong, Lambi Dehar Mines, Three Kings Chapel in Goa, Vas Villa of Bengaluru, the Sonpur Bhoot Mela, and others. My book shares my personal perceptions and concepts of the paranormal and mystical world through a staandrd point of view. The top ten most unearthly and intense paranormal investigations collected from the north-south and east-west stretches of India are jotted together to give goosebumps to its readers and disperse knowledge in this context which is much needed in a country like India. The book deals with my most frightening experiences with ghosts and humans while on going investigation processes. My adventures bring out the common misbeliefs and harmful superstitions of the people that surrounded the ghostly and untouched place. With the risk and dauntlessness, the field investigation proved out to be a boon to bring out the jist of the Indian plethora of ghost stories and myths. The locations were scary, dangerous and deadly for human existence and survival, and surely not a cakewalk. And thus to present it before you was a tenacious task.

Article in The Morning Standard (Delhi Edition) on the launch of Haunted


More importantly, this books highlights different sort of traditions and practices which are abnormal and ruthless in its existence in the society. Thus, in order to put a full stop to the curiousity, I have tried to show you the world of paranormal with my perspectives via this book.

With an inview into my book, I am delighted to announce it to my readers that Haunted have now been acquired by Juggernaut Productions of the IN10 Media Network and shall be converted into a webseries on a prominent OTT platform shortly. The production house has officially been declared to acquire the official screen adaptation rights of my book and shall serve my audience with a more visualistic view of my experiences, perpectives and terror.

Pull up your socks to enter my world of paranormal and mysteries with a jorney to remember for a lifetime and maybe afterlife.

Juggernaut Productions acquires the screen adaptation rights of ‘Haunted’

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