21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 8- Horror Movies

21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 8- Horror Movies

Horror movies, we all love watching it. These movies gives us a whole different level of excitement and thrill, I have seen people going so much crazy for horror movies that they plan the whole day to schedule it and at the same time there are people who just get scared by only the idea of this. Some people have a big catalogue of horror movies while some haven’t even watched just a one till yet. 

But one thing which i have realised so far is whenever people watch a horror movie, they believe that every single such movie is real and the story is based in real life. They often forget that there is a difference between “real life” and “based on real life”. For example, after watching the Annabelle, many of them believed that the doll is real and still placed in Warren’s museum which she is. I still get a lot of queries by people asking me what is my opinion about the doll? Is she real?

Well, first here is my opinion, NO, i don’t think Annabelle and the stories attached to it is that much real as it is told by the media and have been projected in movies. There must be something which Warren’s have found weird about the doll but not till that extent which is told to us. Now, people have to understand here that a media runs on paid promotions in such matters and they will show us what the movie makers wants us to see besides no media personnel was there with warrens at the time of discovery of the doll so they can only write and present their perception to us as told by the investigators. 

Secondly, if Annabelle is that much evil and dangerous then how people often visit that museum, pay some dollars and click selfies with the doll? Well i don’t know what is the reality since i haven’t been there but yes these were the few questions in my mind. Anyway, back to movies, like i said a lot people believe that every single horror movie is real which is not and it can’t be. A movie is a work of fiction and we should let it be that way only. 

Welcome to 8th blog of 21 days in quarantine, HORROR MOVIES. 

Now, since we all are in a lockdown because of Coronavirus Pandemic i thought to share five of my most favourite horror movies/series as a recommendation to you all so that you watch them if you haven’t and entertain. My work is related to horror and i watch a lot of horror including movies, series, documentaries and videos to keep myself updated and to learn few new things. I am not saying that i am a horror movie critic or so but yes i think i have a special eye to judge these and using that eye whatever i have liked so far, i am sharing it with you. 


The haunting of hill house is an american anthology series also the only series in this list. It was released on Netflix as their originals on October, 2018. The series is directed by Mike Flanagan and written by a team of writers. The series is based on a novel by Shirley Jackson in 1959 and it is the modern representation of the same. The haunting of hill house is one of the rare horror write ups which is there in the world, i absolutely loved each and every single moment of it. This is the story of a family who goes through multiple levels of hauntings. The kind of brilliant writing style it has, The beautiful aura of the direction and the breath taking performances takes you to a whole different world. Especially few performances of Victoria Pedretti as “Nell” and Oliver Jackson as “Luke” makes you actually feel for them. It has one season of 10 brilliant episodes but it is also scheduled for its next season as “The haunting to bly manor”. So, if love to watch horror with a good story then i recommend you to this. 4.5/5 stars. 


A Quiet place is movie a directed by John Krasinski and written by a team of brilliant writers which was released in 2018 on Netflix. The story is about a family is forced in a post-apocalyptic world after the attacks of few unknown alien creatures who attacks on any kind of sound. I loved the concept first of all, it was different and unique. The performances, screenplay and direction are top notch also the way visual effects have been with perfect synchronisation with the camera is just perfect. The director plays the male lead character himself because of which the character seems so good and original. So, if you are looking for alien movies and the horror they can offer then this can be a perfect movie to watch. 4 stars out 5.


Veronica, the most horrifying, scariest and frightening movie till date according to the claims. It is available on Netflix, It even went to an extent where people claimed that you can’t watch it all alone but very soon all such claims were debunked. Veronica is a story of a girl who gets possessed by a demonic entity, thought the concept is not very new and we all have seen such concepts before as well. But i would surely like to mention about the performance of Sandra Escacena who plays the lead title and the director who is Paco Plaza who have done exceptional jobs in their area of expertise. This movies also supposedly based on true events from the 1991 Vallecas case where Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro died mysteriously after she used a ouija board. So what are you waiting for, go on add Veronica in your list right away. 3.8 stars out of 5. 


We often come across some movies which makes our mind blow, one such movie is The Devil Inside. It was released back in 2012, directed by William Brent Bell, this movie claims to show you a very close reality inside exorcism and possessions. The story revolves around a girl who goes to make a documentary about the people who gets possessed and how exorcism actually works for them. Well, I would say that this film delivers its commitment purely, it shows you some of very close encounters of possession, exorcism and demons. I found this movie a very close presentation of the stories and myths. The films is filled with power house performances and holds you till the end. 4 out of 5 stars to The Devil Inside. 


I know you all know about this film and i also know that you must have seen this but still it deserves to be in the list. The Amityville Horror is a movie directed by Andrew Doughlos and written by Scott Kosar which is based on a novel by Jay Anson published in 1977. I have read the book and i believe this movie is a perfect adaptation of the book. Of course the film has some good performances but what i liked the most was the scare jumps created in the film so smoothly. I still watch few scene of the movie to learn. This movie is absolutely brilliant for any aspiring horror film maker because it teaches you the technique of scaring people. The revolves around a family who moves into a new house with their children and soon their dream house becomes a night mare for them. So, if you have seen this movie then i suggest to watch it again in this lockdown. 3.5 stars out of 5 to this one. 

So here was few suggestions if you want to watch good horror in the lockdown. Let me know if you have some good references for me in the comment section. 

Till then, Signing off. 

Happy Haunting. 

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  1. The Devil’s Advocate
    The 3rd Eye (both the parts)
    Siccin (all 6 parts)
    Dabbe (all 6 parts)
    The Autopsy of Jane Doe


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