21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 7- Ouija Board

21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 7- Ouija Board

Since we have heard the stories about ghosts, spirits, demons, devils and the other world of paranormal, we have also heard that their existence has been manifesting human’s life since the very beginning. We, humans are always been fascinated and curious about the existence of such entities, the interesting part in this whole story is we don’t feel that much curiosity about the stories of God as much as we are inquisitive about the Ghosts. The reason is simple, very simple in fact, we have been taught, we have learned and we believe that the God is true, he is there, his existence is real and he is watching us from the above. 

But when it comes to the negative forces we have actually never been very much sure about it and so we are curious to know. The mankind has always been in search of these entities and still is, they have tried various methods to find the existence. Since a long time, human always comes up with some or the other formula which claims a one hundred percent guarantee to put you in direct contact with all such negative forces and the best part in this is, human claims that every time they have claimed some thing like that, it has failed with one hundred percent guarantee. 

You must know, heard, aware or have tried your hands on one such game called “Bloody Mary” in which you have to be in front of the mirror with a candle in hand and in no other source of light. You begin the game and you chant her name repeatedly, after doing it for while the Bloody Mary appears in the mirror. The apparition can be malevolent sometimes. In the whole world, people have claimed that this game actually worked for them and they saw something in the mirror. True or just a psychological manifestation, hard to say.

The same way, we have a lot of ways to connect to the other world which has a variety like, Mirror games, Planchette, Pentagram to conjure demon, Seeing spirits through a crystal ball, using candle light to summon, coin games to call the spirits, the man made compass, then we have have some people who claim to have supernatural powers to talk to spirits, some to have powers to feel them and then there is Ouija board too.

Welcome to the 7th blog of “21 Days in Quarantine”.

Today we will talk about a very popular and worldwide claimed tool of calling the spirits and a way to open the dark doors of the other world, OUIJA BOARD.
Ouija, first came in knowledge of the mankind in 1886 when a group of spiritualist’s camp in Ohio. Later, it was named as Ouija and created in 1890 in Baltimore, Maryland when the stories reached out to different parts of the world. It was claimed to be a talking board which can communicate and talk to spirits and can open the door for them. The necromancy was anyway very popular those times, it still is, but those times people were looking for as many ways as they can to get connected to the dead. 

Ouija word actually means “Good Luck” which is derived from the ancient Egyptian term and it was discovered by Willian Fuld who was the employee of Elijah Bond, the guy took the patent of this idea made it a business. It was Elijah’s idea to manufacture and sell Ouija board as a game to people, he registered the patent in United States in 1891 and started the production immediately. But soon Fuld claimed that it was his idea and he is actually inventor on these boards, he started a separate company and started the production in 1901. 

Very soon, the boards become a wild fire and it was in demand by almost everyone who knew about it. In fact, thousands of boards are getting sold though various mediums even today, Indians also buy it and it is easily available on Amazon which is being manufactured and sold by Hasbro. You will be surprised to know that Hasbro is a toy making company which makes different toys for children and they sell it as a fun game not something related to ghosts or dark entities and a way to get connected to the other world. 

A lot of people claim though out the world that they have seen Ouija board working. You have movies like “OUIJA” which scares you till the hell, you have claims which says these boards are real, you have people around you who are scared for even touching that thing and you have a perception of these board being a widely known way to summon the other world but do you have the scientific logic behind all such claims? Let me tell you today. 

The science and the scientific community believes the phenomena as a result of “IDEOMETER RESPONSE”. The ideometer phenomena is a psychological phenomena wherein a subject makes motion unconsciously. It was first described by Michael Faraday while investigating “table-turning” in 1853. 

According to professor of neurology ‘Terence Hines’ in his Pseudoscience and Paranormal (2003), he says  and i quote “The planchette is guided by unconscious muscular exertions like those responsible for table movement. Nonetheless, in both cases, the illusion that the object (table or planchette) is moving under its own control is often extremely powerful and sufficient to convince many people that spirits are truly at work … The unconscious muscle movements responsible for the moving tables and Ouija board phenomena seen at seances are examples of a class of phenomena due to what psychologists call a dissociative state. A dissociative state is one in which consciousness is somehow divided or cut off from some aspects of the individual’s normal cognitive, motor, or sensory functions.”

I, being a paranormal investigator, get a lot of claims where people say that ouija has worked for them. I also get a lot of questions where people ask whether i have used an ouija board or not and is it real or not? Well, frankly speaking i don’t believe in that phenomena, yes i have tried and it has worked out for me. I don’t think that the stories associated with this board is real or has any truth in it. But as you know life is all about moving and evolving and learning new things, may be these boards work and someday i find them working. 

I don’t entirely reject any such claim without being on the spot but i don’t trust those claims as well without being on spot. You see i have a very open sort of mind who believes on what it see not what people say and i think you should also not go by what people say. If you start doing that had of the misconceptions or confusion will the leave the earth with immediate effect. 

So, that’s it for today. I hope you are reading all my blogs and sharing it with people around it. Do let me know about your thoughts on Ouija Boards in the comment section. Meanwhile don’t forget to share this too. 

Till then, Signing off.


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