21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 5- Nishi Dak

21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 5- Nishi Dak

You know what is foremost scary in the paranormal world, an unfamiliar voice. A voice which suddenly calls you or interrupts you and you don’t have any clue about the source. It makes you feel the presence but leaves you in a confusion whether this voice is friendly or harmful. You try to get to the source and when you try it makes you more vulnerable. That’s what this kind voice of can do to you. 

In the entire world, whenever a haunting is reported, sound plays a vital role. It’s not just meant to scare you but also it gives you a signal that something has begun and it’s coming after you. A sound which directly hits your psyche and makes you prone to hauntings. A sound which clearly indicates that something is about to happen. Doesn’t matter which part of the world you travel, you get stories of unfriendly and unfamiliar voices. In fact even for paranormal investigators, sound always have been a good source to start their investigation and to get to the root of hauntings. 

Possessions which plays an important role and are very common in India also starts indicating their symptoms using the sounds. There have been few alleged tools used by paranormal investigators worldwide to capture sound in a state of paranormal investigations, few of them are, PSB boxes, Spirits boxes, EVP recorder and few more. There are also few apps which claim to captures such paranormal sounds which personally i believe are just simulations, fake, foul and are just a gig. No investigator should take these apps seriously after all your one judgement influences a lot of minds. We, paranormal investigator also have certain social duties and responsibilities, being a paranormal influencer i believe we should pass any judgement after cross checking it a thousand times. 

Welcome to Day 5 of “21 Days in Quarantine”

Today, we will talk about a very popular and widely known paranormal entity, NISHI DAK. 

Nishi Dak is very popular in Bengali mythology, but often people think that this entity is only known there which is not correct it’s a kind of entity which is known to the world. Different mythology holds different versions of it. In India, Nishi Dak is known to be a member of pret and dayan family. Majorly it affects the Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Mizoram, Assam, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh. Nishi means darkness and Dak means call. Together, it means call of or from the darkness. 

Nishi is majorly known to be the spirit of the people who died an uncertain death and didn’t have any respectful life. It is also said that the souls who don’t get the Pind Daan at the time of transition from earth to the other world, transform into Nishi Daks. Pre-pahar in Bihar’s gaya is known for find-daan especially for the souls of Nishi Dak. 

Nishi haunts it’s victim by calling their names in a familiar voice in the darkness. If the person responds then he enters in the radar of these revengeful and dangerous souls. But it is said that Nishi Dak cannot call the victim more than twice so if you don’t respond in two times, you are probably on the safer side. Nishi usually kills it’s victim and captures the soul to be a slave. The methods of killings can be different. 

The voices a Nishi can produce has a huge range, it can be of someone’s you know or love or may be it can be of someone’s you have to respond. Not in bengal, I am sure you have heard such stories of unfamiliar voices in the dark from the back since your childhood. It is a very common tale in India. Though, Bengal always tries to take credit of this mythology but few states gives it a tough competition.

So, that’s it for today. I woke up really late and that is why the blog is late too. Next time, whenever you are walking alone in the dark, do not respond to any such voices. 😛

Also, like a ritual don’t forget to share this blog with your network and do let me know if you have any other information about Nishi Daks which i might not have.

Till then, SIGNING OUT.



  1. I was born in Kolkata though raised in Mumbai and my mom or nani for that matter taught me not to respond to a familiar voice if it calls in the late evenings or nights. Some of the older members of our family have heard these nish daaks in so many places, my friend hear it outside her hostel room in Hyderabad pretending to be a senior male who we were coordinating with for a competition, she stopped herself from going out when she remembered a she was in the girls quarter and boys couldn’t get out of their rooms let alone come at 1 in the night and b. The guy had left for his home town the previous day. Guess entities have no boundaries

  2. Jay sir, your stories always send a chill down my spine and I really love reading and listening you, especially at night as I am doing now at almost 2 in the night.
    Thanks for such a wonderful content.
    Wish you best of luck for your further blogs .
    Stay safe and keep providing us with your wonderful stories and experiences.
    Also, wish me best of luck so I can go to washroom without being feared


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