21 Days in Quarantine – Blog 4- Chhalava

21 Days in Quarantine – Blog 4- Chhalava

ILLUSION, What is illusion? Well, the science has a very descriptive meaning of it and it has tried to get into more detail with time. A lot of cases of psychology deals with illusion. There are therapies, medications, counselling, awareness, motivation and what not to fight this. But still, people do get illusions and they get very often. 

The science tries to explain it too which says “An illusion is a distortion of senses, how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. In short, a false idea or belief or a deceptive appearance.” But is this definition can be applicable to all the humans out there or is it just an assumption after examining few cases in certain given conditions? Well, hard to say.  

Look at this image below for a while,

What did you a see? No, it’s not a gif, it’s just a normal static jpeg image. But your brain made this moving in different directions. That is the power of your brain, it has endless possibilities and power. There was a movie of Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman “Lucy” which was released in 2014. It shows a hypothetical condition of a brain which unlocks it’s power to one hundred percent. I know it was a movie and cannot be believed as real, but it showed the perception of humans about what can happen if the brain starts working on full of it’s capacity. During this lockdown i suggest you to watch that and trust me you will not regret. Now back to the image above, you have seen it moving. Do me favour and not look at the centre of the image consistently and wide open eyes like you are looking at it angrily. You will realise that the movement starts to fade and you see a static image and there is nothing moving anymore. That’s what happens with illusions too when are ready to face it, it goes and it vanishes from your life. 

Welcome to day 4 of Quarantine and this is blog 4, CHHALAVA.

Chhalava which technically means illusion. But since our country is a land of stories and myths, we also have a kind of ghost who is literally termed as Chhalava. Chhalava is not actually a ghost, demon, devil or may be an another mythical creature but its origin is more of related to curses. 

Yes, these are the souls who use to have well built physical appearances when they were alive, it is said that few of them get cursed by the almighty after they died because of their bad karma when they were alive. The curse of literally being trapped between the two dimensions of heaven and hell and as you know that there is only place in middle of these two which is earth. 

Chhalava is not a kind of ghost which can be destroyed by mantras or supernatural powers. Basically they are inevitable until their curse period and that is the most scary thing about them. They are not known to bounce upon their victim directly but they more like to play with their minds. Once a Chhalava decides to run after you, it stays there in your life for a long time may be till you die. 

There has been no certain supposedly claimed deaths by the attacks of Chhalava directly but in some cases it is said that victim finally decides to end it’s life on its own after being haunted by this entity for a long time. Chhalava basically plays with your mind. It makes you see things which you never want to, it makes you do things which you never want to and it makes you so vulnerable that you decide to end your life. 

In some cases, there are people who have claimed to witness a Chhalava  and have claimed that they are normally huge in size, has long legs and can jump through the buildings, trees and can cover long distances with in seconds. It is also said that the Chhalava can be present anywhere like not necessarily in jungle, rural area or hills, they can roam around the cities as well. There is no certain category of people who are their easy targets so the victim can be anybody. 

In northern parts of the country, they believe that if a Chhalava physically attacks you in the night and you somehow managed to survive till the sunrise then it brings a kind of good fortune for you and for your family that may be lasts till your seven generations. Though a human can’t win this. Also it is said that Chhalava has powers to imitate friendly voices to grab your attention. 

Weird na, we have such stories around us. True or false that is a different thing but i surely fall for the creativity all these stories have. 

So, here it was the blog number 4 and i hope you liked it. As usual i will request you to share it with your network and do let me know about any illusions you have gone through. 

Till then, SINGING OUT.

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