21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 3- Munja

21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 3- Munja

Paranormal Investigations, a profession which is not that easy, cool, adventurous and exciting as it seems. People who know me and are connected to me through various mediums, always have one thing in their mind which is expressed also time to time that how amazing and adventurous life i have. They think look at this guy who is going places to places, having cool gadgets, long drives, night outs and he is earning from all of this. They think i am that Ranbir Kapoor from “ye jawani hai diwani”. 

In fact you won’t be surprised to know that i get a lot messages on my social media where people text me that oh man, you are living my dream life or my dream job, i am so jealous of you, please please please tell me how to be a paranormal investigator? And i just smile, that’s the best thing i can do to answer all such things. Generally, people think that one day i got up, did some magic and became a paranormal investigator; I mean at least what i feel that they think. 

This is to everyone who thinks like that, 

Dear Sir/Madam, let me tell you with all the respect i have for you in this world, come be in my shoes i request. Come i invite you to be an investigator of paranormal and stand with me to bring the reality of this dark world to people so that not even one human sacrifice happens for the sake of ghosts or gods. It took around 15 years of my life along with emotional and financial struggles, there was a whole world against me who wanted me to loose and i had only hopes and confidence to prove them wrong to show them that there can be a career into this. This hasn’t been easy for me, trust me. 

And the only reason i believe that how it happened for me is that as the first step towards the paranormal investigation as a career, i started believing in stories. Yes, the first step, start believing on whatever the story you hear from people. Be in their shoe and feel what they are feeling, what they are thinking, what they are sensing and how the story is hampering or benefitting the person. Be that person for sometime only then you will be able to know the reality of the story in other words, cases.

One such story i heard long back about, MUNJA. 

Welcome to the 3rd blog of 21 Days in Quarantine. 

Munja, in other words Brahmadaitya. Munja is not a mythical creature, it is something which can be attained by humans after certain possibilities or accidents. There are three theories about how can a person becomes a Munja/Brahmadaitya. But before knowing that you should know Munjas can only be brahmins. No other humans can be a Brahmadaitya according to the myths. 

First one, which is also the most famous one, Munja’s are the powerful spirits of Brahmin priests who got murdered. The second, these are the ghosts of brahmins who died unmarried. The third and my most favourite one, these are the spirits of brahmins who died during the period of Yajnopavita in other words Upanayana or in simple words, Janeu.

This ceremony takes place when a brahmin boy from age 8 to 13 takes up the brahminhood, the ceremony has some holy offering and rituals which takes place. Only after then, the boy is allowed to wear the sacred thread. It is to be believed that if the boy dies with in the first few days because of any reason, he becomes the Munja, the Brahmadaitya.

It is said that the Munjas are kind of ruthless ghosts who enjoys seeing others in pain and grief. He stays in a peepal tree mostly and are always in lookout for vulnerable victims. But it is to be noticed in all this, that a Munja only hunts when someone disturbs or insults his presence. 

Peepal tree is his home and if you do something near that which can insult him, like, throwing garbage, left over foods, human excreta, pissing, pelting the tree, consuming alcohol beneath it or any other way which makes him insulted then you are in his radar. Munjas are known to avenge their insult in furious ways including possessing the person and making them ill till death. In some cases, pricking the victim using thorns, burning them alive and the most dangerous according to me is to haunt them till the rest of their lives which makes them more vulnerable. 

Peepal trees are anyway a diety’s symbol in sanatan dharma and widely worshipped in Hinduism. It holds a religious value and people visit this tree to worship. It is also stated in all the religious scriptures that you should not insult the peepal tree in anyway possible, may be because the gods were trying to save you from the wrath of Brahmadaityas.

So next time, if you are near to a peepal tree, do not do anything which makes the Munja upset. 

I hope you liked reading this. Don’t forget to share this blog with your network and if you have had any encounter with a Munja, do let me know in the comment section. 

Till then, Singing out. 

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  1. Since childhood we are hearing stories that some ghost live in the peepal tree…and if you put a Diya beneath the peepal tree except Saturday…they will call you….from back…well that seems true now….well I have read several hindusim sacred books to investigate this fact and I got it Right…..well nice one…. looking forward to hear more from you…


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