21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 2- Pencha

21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 2- Pencha

I was 14, I was home and I was bored. It was summers and we, all the kids my age in the mohalla, we planned a very very different and unique idea to get rid of our boredom. The idea was to go to the nearest playground and showcase our best skills in cricket. The best part at our age that time, that all of us were Sachin Tendulkars. There was one guy in the whole group who was the mohalla avatar of Anil Kumble. 

So, as decided after the toss we all wanted to bat first. But the bigger question was where to bat? Because there was no pitch. There was only one pitch in that ground which was already acquired by the HYDRA  team members of our mohalla. But they forgot that the SHIELD has arrived, and the Nick Fury of our team was Abhishek. So, he led the team like a true leader and he tried to infiltrate the enemy’s base to somehow stop their mission but unfortunately he was caught at the very first step by our merciless enemy and he still has some problem while he sits. I know it’s sad! 😛 

The entire team was shocked and scared. I have no clue what actually happened to me that moment, but i picked up a wooden wicket and just attacked furiously on all 16 of them. They were bigger than me, in size, in age and in ranks too. But trust me, i made sure that each and every single one of them gets to feel what my captain felt. The entire ground was empty in next 3 minutes of my wicket Tsunami, even dogs ran away who was there few minutes back and were barking on us. 

My team was looking at me, shockingly and when my anger went on a low i also realised, what was that? It was wrong i shouldn’t have done that. I knew that this thing will reach my parents very soon but i don’t know why i wasn’t scared. May be because there was a feeling in me that what i have done was not wrong and those boys needed to learn a lesson as they were troubling all the mohalla kids before too. 

That day, i realised within that i don’t get scared easily. Fear, we all have our fears lurking inside us but what defines us is how we overcome it when it is needed. 
Welcome to the 2nd day of “21 days in Quarantine”. 

I, JAY ALANI, being a paranormal investigator, it is my job not to be scared in the moments where normal people loose their calm very easily. I stay in ruined and abandoned forts, houses, buildings, roads, beaches and what not. I sleep where no one even dares to enter in this highly populated country. But do i get scared while doing all this? This is most common question which has been asked to me for like a million times.

My answer has always been, NO. But do i get scared from the wild animals while my expeditions, may be snakes, spiders, poisonous insects, scorpions and others like them, My answer is yet again a big NO. Though, i have done few mistakes in the past and in return i have been bitten my snakes twice, attacked by bats and even once i was attacked by a local criminal who was hiding inside such a location. 

But i think even a person like me holds some sort of fear. I mean there are few fears in your life which you can’t get over doesn’t matter what you do and doesn’t matter how much strong you think you are. I also have one such fear, PENCHAPECHI. 

Yes, Penchapechi aka Pencha, Pancha, andhul and chariya for some. Pencha is an owl like demonic entity which eats the heart and sucks the entire blood of it’s victim and leaves the body for other animals to consume. 

Pencha has been known in many mythical stories and it is widely popular in rural parts of the country. Interestingly, you find Pencha’s presence in Bangladesh, Pakistan and some parts of Afghanistan too. A lot of people believe that Pencha is an owl and has physical presence of a big owl which attacks the people in the jungle and it’s presence has always been noticed there only. There has been no supposed claims of Pencha’s attack in a human populated area. 

But for a lot people who don’t know, let me tell you that Pencha is not an owl and do not has any physical presence of a shape like an owl. Basically, Pencha is a demonic soul who captures an owl’s body to attack it’s victim. Interstingly, a Pencha can only possess an owl’s body that is why they attack in the form of owls. 
The most scary part about all this that a Pencha can switch Owl’s bodies like the monkey switches the trees in seconds. So basically, if you are in a jungle and surrounded by many owls then you might be surrounded by many Penchas. The bigger the owl, the higher probablilty of the owl getting possessed. Because they need bigger bodies to attack humans or may be animals.

There has been no reported cases of a Pencha because according to the claims no one survived an attack to tell their story to the world. I first heard about the Pencha when i was 21 and since then i have this fear of owls in my head. Whenever i see an owl even in a zoo, i start thinking that now he is going eat my heart and he will suck all my blood from my body. 

Imagine a situation, where i am investigating a jungle and i see an owl in the night. I have gone through this situation and i felt the fear in me. Whenever i am in a jungle or dense woods, my mind always starts thinking that i am surrounded by owls and all those owls are possessed by Penchas. Even for the fact if i know that there are no owls near by i start making my own imaginable owls sitting on the trees and staring at me. 

In a situation where you are all alone in a jungle and surrounded by animals, you know there are owls too and the worst part is any owl can be the one which can hunt you down. Yes, i have been through the same situation many times. But every time when i am about to enter in a jungle i say to myself “Not Today”. 
So, for the people who kept asking me about my fear, here it is, PENCHAPECHI. 

I hope you liked reading this, if yes, please share this blog with your network and let them know about it too and if you think you have any such of fears then please let me know in the comment section.

Till then, stay home, stay safe and follow the lockdown.



  1. Are they similar to vampires?

    1. We call owls pencha in bengali and the white ones are considered sacred because in mythology they are a pet of the Goddess Lakshmi. My grandma’s place has lots of them and i have a general phobia of birds but curiously the way owls stare is kinda unnerving but I wasn’t very scared of them. Thanks for this story about their possession, definitely didn’t know this.

  2. Like it


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