21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 1- Shakchunni

21 Days in Quarantine- Blog 1- Shakchunni

India, a land of mystics, magic and mythology. This country has a never ending source of stories, doesn’t matter which road you walk or which person you talk, your appetite of magical and unbelievable stories will always be fulfilled. India is always ready to take you on a ride into a world which is dreamy, unthinkable, unimaginable and beyond belief but it makes sure that you do believe on it. And when you do, you enter in a world where you become your own hero and saviour of the world. I like one thing about the flavour of Indian stories, it always takes you to a point where everything wrong is happening, if happening, then its happening to someone else but if there is anything right has happened then it’s done by you and only you. 

Honestly speaking, I really like this version because it makes us our own hero, it gives us some sort of a godlike feeling may be for a moment but it does. The only thing I am not very comfortable in these stories that why there is always someone whose bad had to happen for the sake of our good. I think may be this is a basic human behaviour where we love to see others in pain where as we always want to be on a safer side. Isn’t that strange? Well, i leave that up to you. 

Today is the first day of 21 days of quarantine, where the whole country is on a lockdown because of Coronavirus Pandemic and here, I, Jay Alani, a Paranormal Investigator is sitting on a relaxing chair with a cup of tea on my right on the table and an Asus computer in my lap. When this all happened, the pandemic, I was also forced to be at home by this virus to keep myself and my country safe. But meanwhile i was always thinking what should i do to utilise my time which actually can be helpful to other people as well? So, i thought to come up with a blog series about the famous and known paranormal and supernatural entities in our country. May be it can teach something to some people or may be it can be just an add on to their respective knowledge. 

So, here it is. The first Indian Paranormal Entity i have heard of many times- SHAKCHUNNI.

Being a paranormal investigator, i have heard of many types of ghosts in my journey of around 10 years in this. What i have mostly realised that most people believe on two types of ghosts, one which is scary and dangerous and other one which is bright, shiny and helpful. I believe, both the categories are wrong. I think, we should only believe on one kind of stories, real and logical. All the rest mythological creatures creates unnecessary havoc, blind faith and superstitions. See, stories are good for us, be it any kind, but it is good for us. The problem begins when we start believing that these stories are real. 

One such supposedly believed real mythological creature is, SHAKCHUNNI. A ghost of a married woman who died under certain circumstances and left the world before her tenure of being on earth, alive. This ghost is mostly to be found near the ponds, rivers, wells and other water bodies which is connected to daily life of people. It is said and I quote that Shakchunni only possess rich married woman to acquire her body and live the dream of a pleasurable married life. 

She determines the richness of her victim by the smell she is carrying and the amount of gold, diamonds and other jewels she is wearing. Interestingly, it is said that Shakchunnis are shape-shifters and take any appearance in seconds. Shakchunnis are mostly reported to be in white and red bordered sarees. It has also been noticed that they wear bangles made of shells in their hands, in some cases people have reported to see them wearing necklaces also made of shells too and wearing black sindoor on their forehead. 

Shakchunnis are also believed to be a sex-oriented entity, who kills the victim’s husband after a certain age or if they realise that the male is not good enough for them. In some cases, people have reported to witness a Shakchunni on a tamarind tree (imli ka ped) also. It is believed that Shakchunnis are also capable to control the minds but only for sometime. 

They are very well known through out the country by different names, Shakchunni is a bengali version which i like the most, where the word Shakchunni comes from the sanskrit word “SHANKHACHURNI”. Besides this, it is also known as dayaniya, tamariya, patmar which means pati mar (husband killer) and it is considered as a prominent member of chudail family. 

According to stories, myths, folklores about this entity, we can say that shakchunnis are dangerous and a big threat to married women. 

So, if you are a woman, married and rich, try not to go near the tamarind tree or near by water bodies 😛 

Anyway, in this quarantine, mankind is hidden inside and ghosts are out on the streets lurking for their victims. 😃 

Shakchunni, real or not real? Well, i can’t say anything about it and i think no one can say certainly. But i am sure that even Shakchunni exists, she is in quarantine too. So until it’s proven, i suggest you to not to be afraid by any such stories or entities. 

Well, that’s all for the day 1. I hope you liked reading the blog and I am pretty confident that it must have played some role in adding something to your paranormal knowledge and if it had then i request you to share this with your network.

Till then, SIGNING OFF



  1. Enjoyed.

  2. Hi Jay,
    This was a wonderful read and informative as well cos even many educated ppl do believe in such myths.
    Best wishes to u and looking forward to read such wonderful blog again in near future.

  3. Interesting read. In the lighter vein in Bengal Shaakchunni is also used to refer to a woman atrociously overdressed and decked up in poor taste donned in loads of gold ornaments , Hadn’t known about the ghostly angle. LOL!

  4. Superb waiting for next one.


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